Simão Fonseca – Executive Director of BAI Bank

“ Velonet is a partner of Banco Angolano de Investimentos (BAI). Naturally, I had the process of being in Velonet's first hire and we are talking, roughly, 20 years, 19 years. ”

Carlos Aristides - Project Manager at Velonet

“The Velonet Academy basically consists of meeting the social responsibility values ​​that we have already been doing internally and we have already presented some courses sporadically to the market.”

Avelino Pula Pula - Former Employee / Security Analyst

“Velonet for me was a school and I mean a mother. As soon as I joined, I actually had an idea, because I studied IT in high school, and I knew where I was going, but I didn't know the dimension of technology, which Velonet at the time, that is, until now, has. ”

Antonio Dambi - Former Employee / Heads and Security Engineer

“I worked at Velonet, I think 10 years ago, I'm just not wrong, I joined I think in 2013, when I took my first CCNA certification, the Cisco certification, in this case CCNA Routing Switch, as soon as I finished After my certification, I immediately had the opportunity to work at Velonet and my professional journey began. ”

Anderson Bispo - Former Velonet Employee / IT Specialist

“I always wanted to leave the country to work abroad, have this experience and go to work at Velonet. It was very important to have gone to work in Angola, which was a country that had just come out of the civil war as well. A country that was under reconstruction. It was very interesting."

Claudio Lukelo - Former Employee / Security Analyst

“Velonet created this market, it was one of the big names, so it has an already created and solid track record. It is one of the pillars when it comes to information technology. ”

Hélio Henriques – Former Employee (1st Angolan employee) / IT Manager

“I think that was in September, October 2003 and in December, normally things here in Angola stop and I think the pace slows down and expatriates, as a general rule, return to their countries of origin. ”

Paulo Francisco Antonio – Director of Technologies at Academia BAI

“Velonet has been a partner since the Foundation of the BAI Academy. So, since 2012, it has been a strategic partner, if I may say so, for the continuity of services, products and even the reputation of our brand. ”

Cláudio Vilela - Employee / Operating Systems Analyst

“Well, I work in the server area, I deal with implementing servers through Windows, Linux, Virtualization. Which has encompassed the systems area.”

Fernando Augusto - Velonet Collaborator

“Since I joined, I practically knew nothing about Cisco. I changed one thing or another, but when I first arrived here, they suggested doing training that was given at the voice level. ”

FABIO GERONYMO – Network and Systems Coordinator / Former Velonet collaborator

“The Velonet name is very strong. Here you go places, you are very respected. I find this very interesting. And for you to achieve this, to establish this is very difficult.”

Luís Nikolai – Director of information systems of Banco BIC

“Velonet’s partnership with BIC bank began in 2005. It did not have many technicians on the market and Velonet was very supportive of the initial phase of the bank. They allowed us to have the bank set up, ready, safe and 100% reliable for the end customer.”

Luís Meira – Advisor to the Executive Committee of Banco BMF

“Solution. A single word. Velonet is the solution.” 

Ricardo Valladares, General Manager of Prado Valladares

“Another thing that Velonet does is to be connected with the evolution of the market and propose situations that even we don't know are already available. This is an important feature of Velonet. Raul always says “there is a solution for everything. The question is whether you have a budget for everything”

Gerson Paulo, Coordinator of Technologies and Information Systems at Academia BAI

“Velonet has been that partner that is always available and their approach, at least with us, Academia BAI, is done on several levels. We have Skype groups to discuss problems and find solutions. It’s not just the Call Center and email support.”

Edmilson Pascoal, Senior Analyst at Fidelidade Seguros Angola

“Today I think that in the Angolan market, Velonet is one of the best partners in the area of ​​communication and systems. With each passing year it has been developing and professionals are highly qualified especially in the network part. I can say today from the projects we carried out and the scope of this project that it is not easy to do these projects and have this success when doing the migration.”

Paulo Paim, Director of Technology Systems at Banco Sol

“Where the partnership between Banco Sol and Velonet was sealed was in an emergency situation. One company did the work and left it halfway done on a Friday and the bank had to open on a Monday and Velonet was very supportive. We had to have a hundred or so branches and instead of opening all of them, we were left with some not opening and Velonet had work on Saturday and Sunday so that the bank could work. They provide technicians, they have a good response and this is essential.“

Orlando Fialho, Administrative and Financial Director of Belas Shopping

“I have been at Belas for two and a half years and in that time I wanted to sit down with each one, see the history (…) talking to Raul, he has been here since the mall was built, he implemented the IT infrastructure project and has continued until today providing this quality service, always ready to assist.”

Pedro Pinheiro, Director of Systems and Organizations at Caixa Angola

“Competence, professionalism, meeting deadlines, projects always have a beginning and an end. (…) Velonet gives us a lot of confidence.”

Patrícia Ayres, Operational Director of Prado Valadares

“Technical competence, availability, commitment, trust. It's the basics to deliver the IT area of ​​a company. They take care of our servers. That says it all.”

Nídia Klein, Director of the CCBA

“With Velonet, from the beginning, they were very helpful in offering CCBA maintenance services for networks, internet, computers, all this business that for us in the cultural area is a little distant. We needed to have this technical support and Velonet was our partner from the beginning.”

Celson Oliveira -Head of Cabinet and Information Systems at the mining company LUO

“What I have with Velonet I don't call a contract, because it's much more than a contract. We have had a partner for 13 years.” 

Antônio Cardoso – Executive Director of Startel

“When I talk about Velonet, I actually see professionalism, collaboration, a spirit of collaboration, I see partnership, in the strict sense of the word partnership.”