“Solution. A single word. Velonet is the solution. “- Luís Meira, Advisor to the Executive Committee of Banco BMF

Velonet is an authority in the area of ​​Angolan blood IT, and offers unique technological solutions for companies that seek to reduce costs and increase productivity within the corporation.

Now, Velonet reaches its 15-year milestone to build a history full of innovation and contribution to companies that are more than customers, but partners in this great endeavor.

Throughout this time to the present day, Velonet has established a long-standing partnership with Cisco Systems, considered to be the world’s largest communications equipment company, helping banks and institutions to build essential technology infrastructure for support to companies that had difficulty finding trained professionals in Angola.

“Velonet’s partnership with BIC bank started in 2005. It did not have many technicians on the market and Velonet was very supportive of the initial phase of the bank. They allowed us to have the bank created, ready, safe and 100% reliable for the final customer. “- Luís Nikolai, information systems director of Banco BIC

Thus, between 2004 and 2005, Velonet assisted its first customers to gain space in the Angolan market through a state-of-the-art technological infrastructure and innovation, serving large companies such as banks, telecommunications operators, partners that are already with Velonet for more of 10 years.

In a short time, Velonet has become one of the technical references of the market. From there, the company grew in experience and accumulated knowledge in the area of ​​IT infrastructure, specializations in Cisco, VMWare and Checkpoint and many others, to offer a qualified and unique work for companies of all sizes.

“With the entry of Velonet we were able to have a quality service, we were able to stabilize our network and fundamentally, Velonet at the time put two Brazilian specialists working on an advisory board at Startel at full time and thanks to this we were able to start the sale of services. “- Antônio Cardoso, Executive Director of Startel

More than just projects and services in the area, Velonet sells solutions and attends in a personalized way to the needs of its clients. The highlight is the team, highly qualified and prepared to offer a service adapted to the different realities within the companies.

This unique service extends to the moments of emergency or periods of difficulty of the company’s clients. Above all, Velonet is a partner of its clients and, even in times of crisis that hindered entrepreneurship in Angola, the company offered support and solutions to those who have contracted its consultancy for years.

“Third phase was 2018, from the crisis in which things became more difficult mainly for our sector. It is important to say that Velonet has always been on our side and have been able to perceive the critical phases that we are experiencing. “- Celson Oliveira, LUO Chief of Staff and Information Systems

Now, the company wants to grow even more together with its customers and partners, to build a scenario of transformation and innovation in Angola. To this end, Velonet has expanded its knowledge policy, which governs the company and makes its team so skilled, and actively participates in a specialized training center at Velonet Academy, which will be inaugurated until the end of 2019, in addition to investing time and knowledge in a voluntary work linked to AAPSI (Angolan Association of Internet Service Providers), which takes care of IXP Angola, where traffic is exchanged between the various providers in Angola.

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