NOC monitoring

Network Operations Center (NOC) monitoring is primarily aimed at tracking the entire technology platform so that IT teams are responsible for anticipating the occurrence of incidents or taking action on any event that is already underway. In addition to performing the monitoring, it is possible to perform actions and / or scripts that bring immediate solution to the dysfunction. Users affected by the occurrence may be advised of the actions taken and expected resolution of the problem.

Server Infrastructure

Implementation of an organization’s set of information systems: specific computers, responsible for virtual services, such as proxy, web and firewall, as well as cloud solutions. They can be allocated on the premises of the organization or maintained by outsourced service.


We install the tools and tasks that enable the connection between computers, so they can share resources in a network.

Network Security

It has the purpose of guaranteeing the protection of all the machines that operate in a network, to make the users have restricted access to the rights of use that are granted to them. It is a set of actions that prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the system improperly. When implemented, it avoids operations with potential to cause damage to the system, in addition to protecting the data, with the prediction of failures, to preserve the continuity of the services.